• Mat Pilates

    Pilates is a specialized form of dynamic yoga exercise which takes you through stages of stretching, relaxing, strengthening & toning of abdominal muscles to give you stone flat abs....

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  • Reformer Pilates

    There are numerous benefits of performing various exercises on this equipment. It not only facilitates workouts without unwanted stress on the joints....

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  • Aura Pilates

    A very innovative and wonderful form of Pilates is different from the usual Pilates methodology. Aura Pilates will help incorporate initiation of Chakras and balancing....

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  • Pilates Pain Relief

    Pilates exercises help to relieve Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Arthritis and more! Pilates exercises are low impact exercises....

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  • Pilates Post Natal Care

    Get back into shape safely with Pilates mat exercises. This class will help women regain their abdominal and pelvic floor strength and get back in shape quickly after delivery....

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  • Pilates for Kids

    Pilates for kids is especially designed exercise on Pilates reformers which will aid tremendously in alignment and form. Join us and discover how Pilates can empower your child's body and mind....

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  • Pilates for Senior Citizens

    Senior citizens who don't work out regularly are often plagued with aches and pains, poor sleep, bad circulation, stiff necks, loss of bone density, and a lack of energy....

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  • Zumba

    Zumba dance classes are conducted by very experienced and expert dance instructor....

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  • Alignment Exercise

    Developed by Jonathan Hoffman, a physical therapist and fitness enthusiast, CoreAlign(R) exercises help to create harmony between controlled stability and dynamic mobility, resulting in a strong, healthy and vibrant body ....

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  • Vibration Machine

    A very innovative and wonderful form of Pilates is different from the usual Pilates methodology. Aura Pilates will help incorporate initiation of Chakras and balancing....

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  • Infrared Sauna

    Infrared saunas are the ONLY natural, healthy way to burn calories without exercising. Infrared Sauna Therapy makes it possible for people in wheelchairs, or those who have a disability....

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  • Physiotherapy

    A very innovative and wonderful form of Pilates is different from the usual Pilates methodology. Aura Pilates will help incorporate initiation of Chakras and balancing....

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  • Boot Camp

    Boot camp aerobics incorporates trampoline, gym sticks, steps and dumbbells for weight loss, better balance & good posture....

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  • Pilates For Brides & Grooms

    Special Pilates programmes for Brides & Grooms for their Most Special Day of their life...

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Q. What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique method of exercise created by Joseph Pilates that by design simultaneously strengthens, lengthens and balances the body. These exercises are done in a specific order and requires muscular control from the powerhouse of the body along with mental focus and attentive breathing.

Q. What is the Powerhouse?

The powerhouse is a term used to landmark the body’s center/core. These are the muscles of the front, side and rear of the body and include the abdominals, back, hips, gluts and upper thighs.

Q. Can anyone do Pilates?

Pilates is beneficial for people of all ages, fitness levels and body conditions. The method is like a bridge between physical fitness and physical therapy, and can be adapted, modified and customized for individual needs. Some advanced moves and sequences will challenge the most elite athlete and yet others are manageable for even the frailest physique.

Q. Can children do Pilates?

Teenagers may practice mat work. Children/teenagers are still developing their skeletal and muscular systems and so resistance training has to be done in moderation.

Q. Can I start Pilates while I’m pregnant and what are the benefits of Pilates post pregnancy?

If you have not practiced Pilates regularly before becoming pregnant we suggest that you wait until you’ve had your baby. There is an intense amount of focus on the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles in Pilates so once you’ve been given the ok by your doctor to do exercise, this would be an excellent activity to incorporate into your workout regimen.

Q. What is the difference between matwork and equipment work?

Both matwork and equipment work follow the same fundamental principles. In matwork, your main resistance is the weight of your own body and supporting that weight while performing a wide variety of exercises. When working with equipment you will work against the weight of springs for resistance and stability. The equipment helps assist people to accomplish some of the exercises, therefore, many people will find that matwork is more challenging. The equipment is most beneficial with clients that might experience chronic back pain or have other physical limitations. If a client is physically capable of doing both matwork and equipment it is recommended that both systems are used for maximum results.

Q.Will I lose weight?

You will be building and toning your muscles and that muscle will continue to burn calories, even after you have left class. And many of our classes incorporate some cardio into them to help get your heart rate up and whittle away Kgs. Our Pilates with Cardio class is the best for weight loss. Calories in, calories out —with proper diet and a good mix of classes, you can lose weight.

Q. When will I see results?

Everyone responds differently but our clients tell us that they feel great after the first session. Generally, after 10 sessions you begin to physically notice the difference but the frequency ofyour practice has the greatest impact on your results.

Q. Will I bulk up?

Your muscles will be toned in a long, lean fashion. You will definitely see great muscle definition if you are coming a few times a week —but you don’t get bulked up muscles like you do from intense weight training.

Q. Can I do Pilates if I have any injuries or physical limitations?

Yes...that is the beauty of Pilates! There are always modifications to the exercises to help and not aggravate an existing injury or physical limitation. Pilates is rehabilitative for many back and muscular injuries as it is a low impact form of exercise focused on strengthening and aligning the body.

Q.What if I have back issues?

Building your core can definitely help improve back issues. Many people find Pilates is an excellent choice for preventing or managing back issues. We`ll teach you how to fire up your core and gently use your back muscles. We recommend a few one on one sessions with trainer before jumping into classes if you have major back problems.

Q. What if I haven`t worked out for a long time?

We offer modifications to many exercises and encourage you to move at your own pace. If you need, you can take a little break during class and you will feel comfortable doing it again.

Q. Is this an ab workout?

Definitely! You’ll learn how to use your core during all the exercises. We’ll work out the entire body, but Pilates specializes in a core workout. Pilates is based upon a series of controlled movements that are centered around the body's "powerhouse" - abdomen, lower back, and buttocks.

Q. Can I sign up for class if I have never done Pilates?

We ask you to take our Pilates for Beginners class or have 1-on-1 training on equipment before signing up for any of the classes. If you have done Pilates mat classes before, then you are one step ahead, but you still need to gain experience using the equipment. We want our classes to be challenging for all levels, so we ask that people know the basics before jumping into classes.

Q. Is Pilates for guys also?

Absolutely! It was started by a fitness buff, Sir Joseph Pilates, and it remains a great workout for men. Our classes don’t have complex choreography or dance moves —we keep it sporty and you will break a sweat.

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