Instructor Training


Fitness Fusion is offering instructor's training to aspiring Pilates / Fitness buddies. If you want to make a career in Health & Fitness, here is opportunity for you to learn Pilates from the well experienced and trained master who herself has taken training from South African Pilates Master trainers Caroline Bosch & Dabie Mendes, Reformer & other Pilates equipment training from Claudel in Singapore apart from attending many training workshops of Reebok, India. She started her very first Pilates studio in Delhi in 2004.

Studio is fully equipped with all Pilates equipment like Reformers, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Gym Balls, Magic Rings, Medicine Balls, Foam Rollers, Trampolines and Bosu.


Mat Pilates is a floor exercise which takes you through stages of stretching, relaxing, strengthening & toning of abdominal muscles to give you stone flat abs. This form of floor exercise offers you a gentle but powerful pathway to achieve your natural potential for health, strength, flexibility and stamina. Pilates aims to concentrate all efforts towards the core muscle groups that is the Abs, Obliques and the Back. Pilates also corrects structural imbalances, thus making it beneficial for everyday movement.
Level 1 : This is 2 weeks module (40 Hrs.) where one learns about the human body, the breathing techniques,
various form of exercises etc.

Level 2: This is extensive advanced course of 1 week (10 Hrs.).


There are numerous benefits of performing various exercises on this equipment. It not only facilitates workouts without unwanted stress on the joints, it also allows you to do certain specific exercises in case you have a minor injury. The exercises on Pilates Reformer can be done by sports persons to augment their performance in different sporting activities. You can get the required relief from fatigue and stress.
Level 1: 2 weeks (30 Hrs.) after Mat Pilates

Prerequisite: None as such. But knowledge about human body will be helpful. Also Gym Trainers and Physiotherapists can learn it faster. Call to enroll in MAT PILATES Batch now.

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